It’s been a crazy week for law enforcement in downtown Cleveland as the Republican National Convention rolls on, but even at the peak of yesterday’s protests, when a demonstrator with the Revolutionary Communist Party lit an American flag (and himself) on fire, arrests were kept to a minimum.

As Twitchy reported, police have responded to vulgar insults with smiles and kept their cool as a man with young children protesting the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice taunted them with toy guns. However, police also have been applauded in the streets, hugged at an anti-cop rally, and maybe best of all, high-fived by this young pair.

If anyone isn’t moved by that video and feels the need for balance, check out yesterday’s protests where young activists demanded that cities shut down their police departments and invest the savings in youth programs.

Or, check out these photos instead.

This is the community-building that the president spent all week talking about, right? Or maybe it was always there, and no one bothered to notice.


More high fives! This is a trend we can fully support.