The ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild joined members of the Revolutionary Communist Party in calling for the speedy release of those arrested in Cleveland yesterday during an RNC protest at which demonstrators tried to burn an flag and allegedly assaulted police.

Attorneys attributed the hold-up to good old-fashioned paperwork, while protesters gathered outside the Cleveland Justice Center claimed the delay was meant to keep those arrested from rejoining protests outside.

The Revolutionary Communist Party gathered this morning to protest and have been going strong all day, telling the press that burning the flag was “beautiful” and “righteous.”

So the reports are true: they don’t look happy at all.

That press conference was held this morning, and the group has since reconvened on Public Square, ground zero for protesters.

He’s right; charges also included refusal to comply and disorderly conduct, although the protesters reportedly have said they didn’t hear the police telling them to break it up.

It looks like everyone’s out on bond.

Free at last! But … was the orange juice in jail grainy?

Are you a communist in legal trouble? Help is on the way, but we’re not exactly dealing with the Lincoln lawyer here.

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