While CNN is reporting that one angry attendee of the Republican National Convention had to be restrained by security after Sen. Ted Cruz passed on endorsing Donald Trump in his speech Wednesday night, Trump himself tweeted later that it was “no big deal,” and that he had seen Cruz’s speech in advance.

Crazy, isn’t it? It was Trump who caused a ruckus at the first primary debate by not raising his hand to indicate he’d support the party’s eventual nominee, whoever that turned out to be.

The Republican National Committee’s chief strategist and My Little Pony aficionado Sean Spicer told Ryan Lizza after the evening wrapped that the party was hoping for better.

So, did Cruz troll Trump or not? Or is the truth somewhere in between? The RNC did send out the text of Cruz’s speech, and while reading it in print doesn’t quite give the same effect as it had in Quicken Loans Arena, Cruz did stick to his prepared remarks.

That was an awfully quick bit of spin from Gingrich, and maybe even the most effective bit of his speech, in retrospect.

So, it really is all in the delivery. Cruz was a debate champion, after all.