As Twitchy reported, there was an ugly scene in Atlanta recently when a driver, done pleading with Black Lives Matter protesters blocking the street, drove through their human barrier only to be stopped again, chased down, and violently confronted before speeding off.

The scene was repeated on a much smaller scale today in the nation‚Äôs capital, where activists representing Black Lives Matter and Black Youth Project 100 blocked¬†traffic and protested outside the National Fraternal Order of Police, the ‚Äúmost violent frat in America.‚ÄĚ

Here’s footage of agitators winning hearts and minds by hassling a cyclist and his children trying to take a shortcut through a blockade.

Fox 5 also caught this exchange between a very determined pedestrian and protesters blocking a sidewalk.

Fox 5 reports that protesters¬†said¬†they would remain in place for 28 hours:¬†‚Äúa symbolic number they say represents the number of hours Michael Brown lay on the street in Ferguson, Mo.‚ÄĚ

Either someone misspoke, or someone‚Äôs stretching the meaning of ‚Äúsymbolic.‚ÄĚ Brown‚Äôs body¬†lay¬†in the street for around four hours, and the man in charge of moving the body explained that he waited in his car for two hours until police could get the crowd on the scene under control.

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