With all eyes on Cleveland and the Republican National Convention, members of the Movement for Black Lives picked a really poor week to hold their national day of action. As Twitchy reported, members of Black Youth Program 100 made their case against police in D.C. today by bravely taunting a guy on a bike and his young children as he pedaled through their blockade.

Washington wasn’t the only city paid a visit by members of the Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of groups including BYP100, Black Lives Matter, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, and Blackout Collective. Protesters in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland and elsewhere targeted police unions Wednesday, demanding that cities divest themselves of their police departments and instead invest in jobs, housing, and youth initiatives.

In Chicago, protesters claimed Homan Square and chained themselves together in the street.

By all means, when will the government finally invest a few bucks in housing initiatives and jobs programs?