Things picked up significantly in downtown Cleveland Tuesday afternoon as communists, Black Lives Matter activists, Alex Jones, and members of the Westboro Baptist Church all did their thing in Public Square. As Twitchy reported, Jones was escorted out of the crowd by police and made his getaway after things got rough, but those who remained reportedly engaged each other by chucking plastic bottles of urine.

Ladies and gentlemen … urine bombs.

Police said there was a threat of urine bombs being tossed at Quicken Loans Arena, but it’s questionable if it actually happened.

Urine bombs are a no-no, but so are tennis balls.

There’s a long, long list of items banned from the security zone around the convention center, so naturally protesters brought some to make a point about guns being allowed while other items were banned. Police weren’t impressed and began confiscating Code Pink’s balls.

Actually, so far, reports of bottles of urine have been more of a nuisance to police and the public than guns. Unlike Code Pink, the open carriers have been following the rules.

In perhaps the best metaphor of the protests so far, Dr. Cornell West nearly stepped in some horse manure on his way through Public Square. Police horse manure, to be precise.

Why apologize? Blame the racist police horse that pooped in Dr. West’s path.