Tuesday evening at the Republican National Convention might have seemed a little “low energy” compared to Monday’s fiery lineup of speakers (Rudy Giuliani in particular), but Gov. Chris Christie fired up the arena by going after Hillary Clinton and her record as secretary of state. Sure, her clean cookstove initiative was a personal career highlight, but how about that Iran deal? The Russian reset? And even President Obama admits that Libya is “kind of a mess.”

Yes, Christie’s was the speech that journalists will be writing about tomorrow, once they regain consciousness after fainting dead away at the sight of an arena chanting, “Lock her up!”

Better have one ready.

Exactly. So why does every successive Democrat nominee feel the need to point out just what terrible shape the country is in, even when it’s a Democrat seeking to succeed another Democrat?

Looks like Christie hit a nerve. It’s unseemly that a party’s national convention should be so … partisan.

Better get started, then, now that PolitiFact has already parsed Patricia Smith’s speech from Monday night and gave Clinton a pass.

Effective, or creepy? Maybe both?

Creepy? That’s a valid perspective, and there was a mob-like vibe in the venue. But consider those planted firmly in Camp Hillary who have insisted that her not being indicted is proof of her innocence. There’s a lot of frustration out there among people who aren’t enjoying watching Clinton skate her way to the White House. Besides, is chanting “lock her up” worse than watching Patricia Smith criticize Clinton’s record and then wishing to “beat her to death” for daring to do so?

Here’s the early spin on Christie; take your pick:

Christie has no room to criticize, what with Bridgegate haunting him.

Donald Trump is a fan of dictators like Putin and Assad, so Christie’s not on the same page as the presidential nominee.

Perhaps most shocking of all: Christie has totally messed up the night’s theme of “Making America Work Again.”

So much anger and hate. Why couldn’t Christie give a nice speech like the Trump kids would do later; it it surprising how much praise Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump Jr. garnered for their speeches.

So, humanizing Trump is something everyone can get behind? Maybe he’s not evil incarnate after all, and America really can come together and overcome its differences under new leadership?

Guess not.