Joan Walsh wasn’t impressed with the turnout at a scheduled pro-Trump rally held outside the Republican National Convention this morning.

Only 200? Actually, that’s a pretty good turnout compared to Saturday’s “massive” anti-Trump rally and march, which attracted fewer than 100 of the 10,000 or so expected by organizers. It seems that people on either side aren’t turning out in droves as expected, and on Monday evening, Cleveland police reported only one arrest connected to the protests.

Some called Monday’s “End Poverty Now” rally and march the first big protest event to take place during the Republican National Convention, but again, “big” is an arbitrary term. Crowd counts varied substantially but generally ranged from a couple hundred to 700 to 1,000 — although 1,000 sounds high when matched to the photos.

For a rally and march to end poverty, there certainly was a wide range of T-shirts and signs, ranging from “Fight for $15” to “We Support Palestinian Human Rights” to “Keep Abortion Legal” to “America Was Never Great” to “No War But Class War.”

The march did receive some star power in the form of Tom Morello, guitarist of Rage Against the Machine and now Prophets of Rage, who made it a point to schedule a show in town during the RNC.

Morello was joined by band members Chuck D and B-Real for a “guerrilla show” in advance of Tuesday night’s scheduled gig. Now poverty will end even sooner than organizers expected.

Here are some more photos of people ending poverty.


Didn’t anybody think to bring an American flag, if only to burn?


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