Indiana Gov. Mike Pence touched down in Zionsville, Ind., Saturday evening to announce briefly that he had formally accepted Donald Trump’s offer to serve as his running mate. He then dismissed the crowd early so that everyone could make it home for “family pizza night.”

Is Pence still hungry? His speech at the Indianapolis Executive Airport was short and sweet, but it was his lunch at Chili’s that got social media talking. No, really: one tweet from Pence managed to send Chili’s trending:

Chili's trending

Pretty dramatic stuff, this.

Lunch out is actually a bit of a campaign tradition. Remember when vice presidential candidate John Edwards kicked off his bus tour by dragging John and Teresa Heinz Kerry to Wendy’s to partake in a bowl of anniversary chili? Good times. And of course there was Hillary Clinton stopping by Chipotle in the much-hyped “Scooby van.” Does anyone remember where she parked that thing?

So, while the usual suspects were shouting about Pence joining the front lines in Trump’s war on women …

… others were serving up takes hotter than a green chile chicken enchilada.

Pretty much. A real New Yorker would have had lunch at [insert name of super-secret indie restaurant where tens of thousands dine each year]. Besides, tweeting pictures of your lunch? Who does that anyway?

PolitiFact? Are you on this?

Did you know it’s easier for a child to get his hands on a Glock than a Chili’s cheese quesadilla? It’s a documented fact.

Hillary Clinton might have compromised national security to dodge FOIA laws, but at least she didn’t reach over the sneeze-guard.

Better keep those pitchforks and torches close for the rest of the election cycle.