Whenever there’s a horrific attack on civilians, someone in the room has to be the first to jump up and caution the public against jumping to conclusions. On Thursday, after eyewitnesses described a truck driver deliberately accelerating into a crowd in Nice, France, and zig-zagging to kill as many people as possible, Vox world correspondent Zack Beauchamp volunteered to be that person.

Untangling motives can be a tricky business that sometimes leaves even world leaders stumped.

As real as the bridge connecting Gaza and the West Bank.

That burn is never going to heal, is it?

Apparently French authorities don’t read Vox …

New reports say that the truck that was driven into the crowded street was loaded with arms and grenades. Maybe now it’s OK to venture a guess that it was terrorism? Or would that be premature?

Exit question:


Vox-er who ran with bogus Gaza bridge story urges skepticism about #MH17 crash


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