File this one under, “Has to be seen to be believed.” We at Twitchy caught this tweet as it scrolled by late last month and set it aside. “Comedians In Cars Getting Abortions”? Is even NARAL that tone-deaf?

June 29th came and went and there was no video to be found. Maybe NARAL held off, sensing a backlash. Searches turned up nothing, with the exception of a somewhat similar video presented by NARAL, “Abortion Road Trip.” And yes, as noted in the following tweet, it was made with the cooperation of NARAL.

Lo and behold, NARAL came through, finally posting its promised “irreverent and lighthearted” take-off of Jerry Seinfeld’s popular “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Why the wait? None of your business — it would be wrong to impose any limitations on when NARAL exercises its choice.

For a supposedly clever video, the point is rather blunt. As legislators in Texas attempted to require higher safety standards for abortion clinics, protesters (a lot of protesters, some covered in fake blood and chained to the gallery railing) argued that the state’s immense size already made it unreasonably difficult to reach a clinic.

One might have thought Planned Parenthood would respond by investing some of those half-billion taxpayer dollars to upgrade and construct clinics in Texas, but no. Better to take Texas to court over its “draconian” requirement that clinics have admitting privileges at hospitals and have SCOTUS overturn it.

Whoa, sorry … how did that completely unrelated tweet slip in there? Best ignore it.

Anyway, “Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions” is here, delivering the message that if fetuses didn’t want to be aborted, they shouldn’t insist on looking so weird inside the uterus. For a supposedly lighthearted take on getting an abortion, this video is making hearts heavy.

Are you sure that feeling isn’t your ribs aching from laughter? It’s comedy performed by professionals, not some horror movie.

But that’s the trick, see? Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood receive hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars while Cecile Richards cozies up with President Obama and Hillary Clinton, SCOUTS is there to reverse laws like those in Texas … pro-choice organizations operate from a position of power, and yet thrive by continually presenting themselves as victims teetering on the edge of defeat. So why not produce videos like this one to perpetuate that narrative?


As the Weekly Standard’s John McCormack noted recently, Democrats removed the word “rare” from “safe, legal, and rare” in their 2008 and 2012 platforms, and 2016’s party platform is the most progressive ever when it comes to “reproductive justice.”


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