Attorney General Loretta Lynch paid a visit to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and managed to do what seemed impossible: she made a few members of the committee long for the good old days of Eric Holder — the first attorney general to be held in contempt of Congress.

Jack Heretik writes in the Washington Free Beacon that Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia became so frustrated by Lynch’s continual evasion that he confessed that he missed Holder, “because at least when he came here he gave us answers we didn’t like” as opposed to no answers at all.

Collins wasn’t alone in his frustration. Rep. Jason Chaffetz took to Instagram, Facebook, and Fox News to vent his frustration with Lynch. Reminiscent of the days when President Bill Clinton went as far as to question the meaning of the word “is,” Lynch — head of the Justice Department — refused to commit to a clear definition of “illegal.”

“It’s a simple question: Is it legal or illegal to share classified information?” wrote Chaffetz on his Facebook page soon after this exchange:

As long as we’re asking questions that Lynch will never answer, we’ll let Rep. Darrell Issa tie a bow around this mess.

What difference does it make?


Chaffetz has posted video of his Tuesday night “On the Record” appearance: