NBC Washington reports Monday that a man who engaged in “swatting” public officials was sentenced to two years in prison for conspiring to scare or target celebrities and government officials.

Scott MacFarlane reports that Mir Islam had several times tricked police departments into dispatching SWAT teams to the homes of public officials, including Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the NRA.

Islam also confessed to a swatting incident that forced a four-hour lockdown at the University of Arizona, where he was reportedly infatuated with a student.

In addition, he admitted to revealing online the private information of celebrities and government officials, including their home addresses and credit reports. Among those whose private information was compromised was former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose Social Security number was exposed.

“Islam told a judge he suffered from physical and mental health ailments and spent 18 hours behind his computer each day. He said he’d change after serving his sentence,” MacFarlane reports.