Here’s some good news after a very rough week marked by the fatal shooting of five police officers in Dallas followed by Black Lives Matter protests at which demonstrators pelted police with debris from a construction site and launched fireworks into their ranks.

As Twitchy reported, the day after the Dallas massacre, an officer in Ballwin, Mo., was ambushed and shot from behind in the neck by a man with a lengthy criminal record who had been stopped for speeding. The officer, who was hospitalized in critical but stable condition, has been identified as Mike Flamion, a nine-year law enforcement veteran.

The response from the Ballwin community has been amazing and deserves mention. We apologize in advance for anyone overlooked, but rest assured, your efforts are appreciated.

A GoFundMe page (currently at $90,000) was set up for Officer Flamion almost immediately, well before his name had even been released by the department. On Saturday, others with an entrepreneurial spirit took lemons and made lemonade.

Another group of young people on Sunday set up a lemonade stand in front of a local grocery to raise money for the officer, and once word got out, the endeavor managed to raise more than $4,000.

The community has also been decorated in blue ribbons in support of Officer Flamion.

Fundraisers will continue next weekend.

All of this lemonade talk has made someone a little sour:

A private chef, huh? Putting together a lemonade stand should be child’s play, then.