Things looked bad for Gov. Chris Christie back in March, when still photos of him falling into a “cupcake trance” as he stood behind Donald Trump at a rally in Florida quickly became fodder for any number of Internet memes.

Christie, Trump’s one-time rival for the GOP nomination, was among the first to literally and figuratively stand behind Trump as it became clear that he was headed for the Republican nomination. Plenty have floated the idea of Christie as Trump’s attorney general, but few have placed their bets on a Trump/Christie ticket.

On Thursday, “insiders” with the Trump campaign said that Christie was being vetted for the VP position as a courtesy, but a pairing on the ticket was unlikely.

Claude Brodesser, a politics writer for the Star-Ledger, says the VP pick is likely to go to Newt Gingrich, who went over well with the crowd at a Trump rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wednesday night. As for Christie …

No kidding.

At least Christie will still have New Jersey for those romantic walks along the boardwalk with President Clinton.

It seems there’s still a chance for a walk on the beach together.

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