On landing in Poland Thursday, President Obama spoke for 17 minutes on the recent shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police officers, concluding that “we are better than this” and calling the shootings “symptomatic” of the racial disparities within America’s criminal justice system.

The president’s statement came on the same day Democrats singled out the NRA as a scapegoat for gun violence, and many are claiming that gun rights supporters are exhibiting a double standard by not defending Sterling, who was carrying a gun in Louisiana, an open carry state.

Think Progress, for example, published a piece called, “Why Black Lives Don’t Matter to the NRA,” with Kira Lerner writing that “in Louisiana, where Alton Sterling was shot Tuesday night at a convenience store, a license is not required to openly carry a firearm” and noting that the NRA supports open carry legislation.

Unfortunately, arguing that Sterling was not carrying legally almost guarantees the person making the point will be accused of saying Sterling deserved to be shot.

It doesn’t matter how lightly one treads around the issue, but it’s worth getting the facts straight even if it ruins the narrative.

It’s always the NRA’s fault, isn’t it? The narrative must be preserved.

As editor of the site, any chance of adding that “wasn’t legally carrying” factoid to Think Progress’ published indictment of the NRA?

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