The Democrats consistently fail at every half-hearted effort to bring unity to the American people (and really, who isn’t encouraged by President Hillary Clinton’s plan to work out her long-standing differences with the Republicans over drinks in her first 100 days?). You have to give them credit, though, for never falling out of lockstep, ever.

Despite ongoing gang violence in Democrat-controlled cities, party members decided an attack on a gay nightclub by an Islamic extremist was a prime opportunity to jump-start their gun control efforts, which consist mostly of demonizing the GOP and the NRA, with the odd catered sit-in thrown in as a photo op. Thursday’s one-hour #AskDems Twitter town hall on gun violence elicited quite a few questions, but the answers were pretty standard fare; i.e., it’s the NRA’s fault.

Earlier Thursday, in the real world, Democrats fell back on one of their favorite rhetorical techniques: showing photos of gun violence victims.

Something tells us the Democrats were careful not to show certain faces when displaying photos of gun violence victims. We’d venture that Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry wasn’t shown, nor was Kate Steinle, whose shooting death a year ago at the hands of an illegal alien who had been deported multiple times inspired two bills that were blocked by Senate Democrats on Wednesday.

Oh, they’re not stupid. They’re just counting on the hope that the rest of us are.