Certain pundits with a sketchy knowledge of the facts heard FBI Director James Comey recommend against indicting Hillary Clinton and mistook that as proof she had done nothing against the law. Will the right wing finally stop crowing about her emails, asked Sally Kohn.

Conservatives have done plenty of crowing about Comey’s decision, pointing to other cases of “carelessness” where people were stripped of their security clearance with no regard for their intentions. But it looks like the State Department isn’t willing to let the massive suspicion and distrust surrounding Clinton rest either.

On Wednesday, State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters that “human error” was to blame for documents that were mistakenly marked as classified.

“Spokesman John Kirby told reporters that the classified markings discovered on some of Clinton’s emails were the result of ‘human error’ and not of negligence during a briefing held just one day after the FBI accused Clinton and her team of ‘extremely careless’ treatment of classified information,” writes Sarah Westwood in the Washington Examiner.

So, if that’s true, it turns out Clinton still was extremely careless, but slightly less negligent than Comey suggested Tuesday. (Keep in mind, this is the same agency that blamed a technical “glitch” for an inconvenient press exchange that disappeared from the video archives.)

Not surprisingly, Brian Fallon of Hillary Clinton for America also couldn’t stop crowing about Clinton’s further “exoneration.”

So, essentially, everyone at State was a massive screw-up under her tenure and Clinton either didn’t know or didn’t care. That’s comforting.