Anti-GMO protesters who made their way into the Senate gallery today showered lawmakers with cash. It was a symbolic move, symbolizing just what a waste of money and effort most of these protests turn out to be.

“Appears to be fake money” is a good way of putting it; who would even recognize real money anymore if they saw it?

Remember when Bernie Sanders supporters lined the road and threw loose change and play money at Hillary Clinton’s passing motorcade as she left a $33,400 a plate dinner hosted by George and Amal Clooney? MSNBC’s Joy Reid was horrified at the sight of “people throwing dollar bills as if in a strip club” and treating Clinton as if she were a pole dancer.

Hey, there were plenty of women on the Senate floor as well! Should we bother to set the countdown clock to see how long it takes for someone to call this protest sexist? Or should we just enjoy the sight of the protesters being led off by security?

Who’s that old protester still shouting about evil corporations? Oh wait, that’s Sen. Bernie Sanders — we remember him from somewhere.

Have a staffer pick up some of that fake money and use it to hire a fake science advisor, like Bill Nye the Science Guy.