After Hillary Clinton managed to skate past an indictment on mishandling of classified material Tuesday morning, she campaigned with the president in Charlotte, N.C., standing at a lectern emblazoned with the presidential seal. All in all in wasn’t a bad day for the Democratic nominee.

Donald Trump followed up Tuesday night with a campaign stop in Raleigh, where he had the perfect opportunity to hammer Crooked Hillary and the FBI and the Justice Department. He took it, but unfortunately, he also took a detour into some quicksand.

Fighting terrorism is a good thing, certainly, but did he have to list it as one of the things that “really bad guy” Saddam Hussein did well?

Trump is taken out of context a lot by the media, no doubt. But he also has a terrible habit of handing them sound bites that are destined to bite him back in campaign ads.

So when Trump took to the podium at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wednesday night, naturally he kicked things off by mentioning how he’d awakened Wednesday morning to — shocker! — headlines about his praise of dictator Saddam Hussein.

Rather than let the predictable press reaction slide, Trump again took the fight to the media and clarified that, no, he does not love Saddam Hussein.

Is there an argument to be made that Saddam Hussein’s iron fist was a stabilizing factor in the Middle East? One thing’s certain: the media isn’t going to trip over itself rushing to help Trump make that case.

Trump also explained that he was working without a prompter Tuesday night, and it would make things much easier if he did. Should he go for it?