An editor’s note indicates that the following AP news story was originally published last July, but for some reason, it was republished Tuesday in the Navy Times. Wonder why?

The AP reported last July that Naval reservist and engineer Bryan Nishimura, who had been deployed to Afghanistan 2007 and 2008, had pleaded guilty to downloading classified briefings and digital records onto his personal electronic devices and bringing them back with him to the United States.

The FBI found the classified materials in a search of Nishimura’s home, but found no evidence to suggest he had any intention of distributing them. Nevertheless, his mishandling of classified information cost him $7,500 in fines along with his security clearance, which cannot be reinstated.

The AP story makes no mention of whether the classified materials were, as President Obama would say, “really top secret top secret” or “basically stuff that you could get in open source.”

It’s likely more of a combination of being named Clinton, knowing Loretta Lynch (and President Obama), and saying that you didn’t mean it — after lying repeatedly.

Teflon skin: You can’t take it with you.