It seemed for a minute that “New York Times World” might be a parody account, but the little blue checkmark proves that @nytimesworld is indeed a real New York Times Twitter feed dedicated to the paper’s coverage of world events, like the recent rash of terrorist attacks claimed by ISIS.

But what’s this about ISIS holding back when attacking predominantly Muslim countries?

To be fair, the Times’ analysis was posted on July 2 in response to an ISIS terror attack on a café in Bangladesh in which the attackers reportedly targeted foreigners, and the triple suicide bombing of the Ataturk International Airport in Turkey, which ISIS did not claim as its own work.

Those two events reflect “the balancing act the terror group must undertake when carrying out violence in predominantly Muslim nations,” wrote the Times. Of course, right on the heels of those attacks came deadly bombings both in Baghdad and at three separate locations in Saudi Arabia, including Islam’s second holiest site, where Muslims were gathered to observe Ramadan.

This doesn’t sound like ISIS is “tempering” anything, or that it’s “contained”: