Isn’t this special? It had been widely reported that President Obama himself would hit the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, kicking things off with a stop in Charlotte, N.C.

What wasn’t known until Monday was that Clinton and her entourage would be ditching her Scooby van and hitching a ride on Air Force One. Might as well, seeing as they’re heading to the same destination — they’re practically saving money and reducing their carbon footprint to boot.

Sure, Clinton spent several hours Saturday being interviewed by the FBI, after her husband just happened to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her plane as it was parked on the tarmac in Phoenix, Ariz., but this is not an administration that cares about optics. So sure, why not share a plane ride?

How does that work, exactly? Does the well-funded Clinton campaign kick in for jet fuel or what? For his part, Donald Trump wasn’t thrilled with his rival’s cushy travel arrangements.

It does appear that the Clinton campaign will “split” the costs with the American taxpayer. Actually, let us rephrase that: the Clinton campaign is required by the FEC to reimburse the government for the president’s travel costs. Whether the campaign follows the rules has yet to be seen.

We bet Knoller could do it. We know Knoller could do it, and probably will. Until then:

“Burden sharing” isn’t such a bad way to describe the past seven years, actually.

Looks like the most transparent administration in history is still hanging on to some secrets.

You don’t say.

Amazing to think that Clinton left the White House “dead broke” and managed to work her way right back up the ladder so quickly.

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