The whole of the Obama administration seems fully committed to the president’s claim, made in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, that the phrase radical Islam is “a political talking point” and “not a strategy.”

President Obama, facing criticism for refusing to use those particular words in connection with Omar Mateen’s attack on a gay nightclub, was visibly testy when he had to explain that his being careful with his words had “nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with actually defeating extremism.”

The strategy hasn’t seemed to have kicked in yet. After suicide bombers killed 45 people (so far) at the Ataturk International Airport in Turkey, press secretary Josh Earnest released a statement that condemned the “heinous terrorist attack” but avoided any reference to the terrorists’ motive.

Overnight, at least 20 people, including at least one American citizen, were killed during a hostage standoff at a café in Dhaka, Bangladesh. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, a kitchen staffer who escaped said that the attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar,” and multiple media outlets are reporting that hostages who could quote verses from the Quran were spared and allowed to finish their meals while others were tortured.

The White House chose not to jump to any conclusions in its official statement on the heinous attack, which is only a few words short of a straight copy-and-paste job from the statement on the suicide bombings in Istanbul.

Three university students attending school in the U.S. were among the victims, including Abinta Kabir, an American citizen who was born in Miami and was attending Emory University in Atlanta.

It’s a holiday weekend, so maybe the White House’s social media director will update the Twitter feed Tuesday, but for now, this is the featured tweet pinned to the top. Look, it’s President Obama busy “protecting the planet.”