If often-confused candidate Hillary Clinton is going to serve as leader of both the country and the Democratic Party, she needs to write down the party’s platform on an index card or something.

After dozens were slaughtered at an Orlando nightclub by Omar Mateen, who called 911 during the massacre to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State — or, according to the official transcript, some terrorist group called [omitted] — Democrats and other gun control advocates decided to follow the lead of the New York Daily News and its San Bernardino-inspired “God Isn’t Fixing This” cover and declare that prayers are not enough.

Joining in, of course, was Clinton herself.

Obviously, no amount of gun control in the United States is going to stop terrorists in Bangladesh. Hashtags, maybe. But thoughts and prayers are certainly not enough, right?

That was nearly 24 hours ago, but to be fair, she was busy this morning with the FBI. Democratic nominee Clinton is quick to send her prayers to those killed by terrorists overseas, but how will President Clinton respond when it’s turn to take action?

What about when her successor at the State Department dragged James Taylor to Paris to sing at a press conference? Was that enough? Details, please.

And speaking of owing families of gun violence victims more than prayers, how about some action to keep this from happening again?

… and again.


An oversight? Hillary Clinton offers her thoughts to the victims in Orlando, but no prayers