As Twitchy reported, the depositions in Judicial Watch’s lawsuit against the State Department have been rolling in, with Bryan Pagliano, who set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server, pleading the Fifth 125 times and aide Huma Abedin admitting that Clinton’s insistence on using an unofficial address might have caused her to miss some important communications.

He “doesn’t recall”? Why does that ring a bell with those of us who lived through the first Clinton era?

Speaking of bells, Kennedy testified that Clinton’s private email address “did not strike any bells” at the time in was in use. The Washington Examiner further reports that among the 50 or so times he testified that he couldn’t recollect important details included “when asked if he recalled sending emails that Judicial Watch attorneys had printed out and presented to him.”

Did we mention Kennedy was in charge of record-keeping during Clinton’s tenure at State?

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