Details are still coming in, but Reuters is reporting that at least two explosions have rocked Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, and multiple people have been injured.

There are also reports of gunshots being heard, but as of now, Turkish officials have confirmed only that there have been explosions. They don’t seem to be wasting any time wondering if this was some sort of freak accident, or whether the bombs were set off by remote control or by suicide bombers.

Again, much of this is speculation, but some photos suggest that a suicide bomber or bombers might have detonated explosives near the entrance to the international terminal. Security is said to be tight at the airport.

Around 40 people are being transported to the hospital, several news outlets are reporting.


Not surprisingly, many are reporting that there are two suspects behind the two bombings.

It appears that the Turkish government has decided it’s time to clamp down on the media.


This footage making the rounds reportedly shows the second of the two explosions as it happens. (Someone’s scrubbing through the security footage, which explains why everyone is slowly walking backward.)


The death toll has been updated and currently stands at 28, according to Istanbul’s governor, who adds that a third suicide bomber was involved.

And here’s another video that appears to capture the second explosion as it happens:



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