Tuesday turned out to be a big news day, as suicide bombers managed to kill dozens at an airport in Turkey, pushing aside the release of the Benghazi committee’s final report on the terrorist attack in Libya that killed four Americans.

It would be a shame, though, for President Obama’s efforts to stack Cheerios on a stuffed dog and name all of the dead “Game of Thrones” characters to get lost in the shuffle.

Not that the president needs a reason to stack Cheerios, but there was a point to it. CNN explains that the stunt was part of a public service announcement produced by BuzzFeed (the site that earlier this month terminated its ad deal with the RNC) listing five things that are harder than registering to vote, like leading the country, defeating ISIS, or sneaking in a cigarette when Michelle isn’t looking.

In a new public service announcement produced by Buzzfeed to promote voting, Obama encourages Americans to head to the polls by showing them five things that are more difficult to do than registering to vote.

The president’s other challenging tasks include stacking Cheerios, playing the Hasbro surgical game “Operation,” making a friendship bracelet and untangling headphones.

So, yeah. The man who promised you could keep your doctor is now struggling to extract a naked man’s plastic funny bone with tweezers to politically motivate people who are too stupid and/or lazy to register to vote.

We’re still a little confused, though. Aren’t Democrats the ones who are continually telling the public, and especially minorities, that they face a massive, coordinated voter suppression effort centered around the nearly insurmountable challenge of producing valid identification? One does not simply walk into the DMV and walk out with a free photo ID.

Rumor is that Vice President Joe Biden walked by as Obama was making friendship bracelets and kept right on walking.