When Rep. John Lewis led his fellow Democrats in a catered tantrum on the House floor over gun control, it was already clear that the Democrats had given up on protocol. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan attempted to restore order to the House but was met with a campfire sing-along of “We Shall Overcome” and the angry shouting of spectators in the gallery.

Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) didn’t fare much better Tuesday presiding over a brief pro forma session, reports Chad Pergram of Fox News.

We know that “prayer shaming” is hot these days (as demonstrated by the New York Daily News’ “God Isn’t Fixing This” cover following the San Bernardino terrorist massacre), but the House chaplain gave it a try, praying that our representatives could keep their cool during the gun control debate.

It didn’t work.

Could House Democrats give the theatrics a rest for three minutes? Apparently not.

Ah, yes. As Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has said repeatedly, if you’re too dangerous to fly, you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun. And when she’s president, she can maintain that mysterious list of potential terrorists who are too dangerous to board a plane, like that scary Emmy-award winning journalist who occasionally blogs about travel for the Huffington Post.

Funny how the same members of Congress who want to pass extra-constitutional gun control laws feel that rules are made to be broken.

First, the Democrats compared their sit-in — furnished with pillows, blankets, air conditioning, candy, and a buffet table — to the Selma-to-Montgomery March, so why not invoke Rosa Parks as well?