Remember when President Obama held a press conference in 2009 to announce the signing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which would allocate a portion of more than $800 billion to upgrade mass transit and build high-speed rail lines throughout the nation?

If not, you might remember just last month, when officials announced that the Washington, D.C. Metro would close sections of track for 16 days to make repairs demanded by the FTA. It turns out the Metro was three years behind on regular maintenance because of a lack of money, and that negligence turned fatal in January when a train car was trapped in a smoke-filled tunnel with non-operational exhaust fans, its exit blocked by an abandoned train car.

We don’t know what was repaired over those 16 days, but on Monday the Metro tunnel filled with smoke again.

Just how much smoke are we talking about here? A lot.

Good effort. At least buses were called in to keep people moving.

In an unrelated incident from last week, one Metro driver was caught on video prepping for next week’s Independence Day fireworks display.

Guys, they just need more money.