This is not a good day for Hillary Clinton and self-awareness. On Monday, Clinton tweeted, “You can’t just talk someone into trusting you,” adding that you have to earn the trust of the people.

Still, Clinton knows from the polls that a lot people don’t trust her, even if much of that distrust can be traced to that ongoing right-wing conspiracy that planted an intern under her husband’s desk.

And no, that “right-wing conspiracy” comment isn’t a cheap shot at the ’90s iteration of Clinton: as recently as February, she let CNN’s Anderson Cooper know she’s still a target.

Clinton was in Chicago Monday afternoon at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s International Women’s Luncheon, where she addressed charges that she seems to measure her words very carefully. Remember in February when CBS News’ Scott Pelley asked Clinton, “Have you always told the truth?” and she replied, “I’ve always tried to!”

Many have suspected that Clinton is so careful with her words because she’s afraid of incriminating herself in that ongoing “security review” by the FBI, but really, it’s just her natural way of speaking.

One more time for the record: “The reason I sometimes sound careful with my words is … just that I’m careful with my words.” It sounds like someone picked up some expert campaign tips from the man who could argue the meaning of the word “is” if it came down to it.

Most pollsters also show Clinton with a comfortable lead nationally over Donald Trump. So even though she’s winning with voters, it’s not because of her transparency. Like they say: if you’re explaining, you’re losing.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.


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