We won’t be seeing the matinee performance of “Hamilton” Sunday, as tickets are currently running from $895 to $3,530 on the resale market. The hit Broadway musical is essentially printing money, but it looks like it will keep the mint open an extra day to slip a couple bucks to Hillary Clinton, whose campaign recently reported having $42.5 million in cash on hand.

The Hill reports that the Clinton campaign has rented out the entire 1,300-seat Richard Rogers Theatre for a fundraiser that is expected to raise millions. Seeing as “Hamilton” performances are sold out well into the next century, the only way for this to happen is for the cast to add an additional show to its schedule.

That’s not terribly surprising, seeing as the cast already performed at the White House at the awfully titled #Bam4Ham event, which was capped off by star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda performing a freestyle rap to cue cards held up by President Reality Show, suggesting topics like immigration and the Supreme Court and Obamacare.

For the money, duh.

Too true, but there’s no way Clinton would turn away a single Hamilton.

Your money? It’s Hillary’s money now, and you’re never getting it back.