As Twitchy reported Tuesday, an employee of the Department of Homeland Security was caught up in a random security check that uncovered a knife, pepper spray, thermal imaging equipment, two-way radios, and a gun loaded with hollow-point bullets.

So far, Jonathan Wienke has been charged only with carrying a pistol without a license, and he was released on his own recognizance and put on administrative leave by the DHS while the investigation continues.

Investigators have speculated that he might have been conspiring with someone to assassinate top DHS officials, who were holding a meeting near his workspace on the day he was stopped for the security check.

While not even the president is willing to speculate on the possible motive of the Pulse nightclub shooter, reporters might have uncovered some important background information on Wienke: it appears he sympathized with 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s plot to kill Big Bird.

The Daily Mail also picked up on the connection, reporting on Wienke’s “bizarre and since-deleted Facebook rant about the Sesame Street’s Big Bird, accusing the fictional children’s character of being ‘part of the 1%’.”

cached version of the post from the 2012 election cycle suggests that Wienke didn’t think that Big Bird, who earned millions in licensing fees for Sesame Workshop, deserved to be on corporate welfare.

I find it incredibly ironic that Obama, who constantly rails against the evils of corporate welfare, is currently mocking Romney for wanting to stop giving your tax dollars to this international conglomerate that is obviously in the top 1% of the 1% income-wise, and would have no trouble surviving economically if its federal subsidies were cut off today.

I have no quibble with the educational value of Sesame Street, and it’s producers deserve the success they’ve obviously achieved. But Big Bird is part of the 1% (and has been for years), and doesn’t need a taxpayer bailout.

Strange? Bizarre? Shocking is more like it. That part about Sesame Street’s producers deserving their success drips with hatred.

So, is the investigation over, or is there more to it? Something tells us there’s more at play if Wienke, a former Army medic, really was conspiring with someone else (as the two-way radios might suggest) to kill DHS officials.


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