As Twitchy reported, Donald Trump protesters in Phoenix did away with the standard-issue Trump piñata in favor of a YUGE inflatable Donald Trump wearing Klan robes. Sure, it probably cost more than Trump has in his campaign war chest to have the thing custom made, but imagine how many Trump voters it managed to sway with its compelling message.

The media quietly dropped its narrative that Trump was inciting violence at his rallies after protests like the ones in Albuquerque and San José turned into full-fledged riots, with police ordered to stand and watch rather than risk further provoking the mob by using force to protect civilians who were being egged and sucker-punched on video for attending a campaign rally.

There’s a protest going on in front of Trump Tower in New York City Tuesday evening, and while many are playing dead in the street, at least one sign suggests the carrier isn’t playing.

Is it a threat against Trump, or just a statement of fact that applies to all bigots, all of whom the sign painter surely hopes will live long lives and pass away peacefully in their sleep. Since the sign and the person holding it aired on CNN, maybe authorities could look into it to be sure.

Trump might appear lately to be doing everything he can not to win the election this fall, but the protesters who come out in force against him carrying signs like “Make America Mexico Again” have probably managed to do more for his campaign than most of his supporters.

Today’s protest in Manhattan was less about deporting illegal aliens and more about … something else.

So, is this supposed to suggest Donald Trump saying, “My hatred kills,” or is it just what it says: “My hatred kills Donald Trump”?

Will ACT UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) fare any better than the “Make America Mexico Again” crowd at Tuesday’s #StopKillingUs protest? Someone did a lot of killing recently, but it wasn’t the guy in Trump Tower.