President Obama continues to choose the strangest ways to prove that he’s a uniter, not a divider. When he’s not overseas running down the United States in front of foreign audiences, he’s in D.C. continually telling Congress to “do their job,” which apparently is to pass legislation so he won’t have to bother issuing an executive order later.

Just over a week since an Islamic terrorist managed to slip past the safeguards and slaughter patrons of a gay nightclub in Orlando, the president is again scolding the Senate for failing the American people by failing to pass four new gun control measures.

That’s right: the Senate failed the American people by rejecting emotionally driven demands to pass something — anything — in the wake of the Orlando massacre, even if that hastily assembled legislation was unconstitutional (targeting “potential” terrorists on an arbitrary watch list) and would have done nothing to prevent Omar Mateen from following through with his heinous crime. But at least it would be taking action.

But the president did everything he could in the run-up to the vote to lobby for expanded gun control measures, from visiting Yosemite National Park to watching the NBA finals on Air Force One. What else could he have done?