As Twitchy reported, Sen. Chris Murphy, who has taken the lead on the Democrats’ latest push for as much gun control as they can get following a terrorist attack on an Orlando nightclub, outlined his latest strategy for the Dems: hit the GOP and NRA hard on their sale of guns to ISIS.

After all, by not passing legislation that ignores due process in order to keep assault weapons from people who might one day commit an act of terrorism (determined without resorting to religious or racial profiling, of course), the GOP is essentially selling guns directly to ISIS.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

Nice try. Actually, far from it. Pathetic attempt is more like it.

Where did you hear he decided to join [omitted]? Was it when he mentioned [omitted] in that 911 call?

Sen. Ben Sasse pulled no punches in his response to Warren.

According to the Washington Post, all Democrats are on notice from point man Chris Murphy to make that connection, and to hammer it hard. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Um, no. Even without the parentheses, “alleged” assumes the person has been formally accused of committing or planning to commit a terrorist act. The terrorist watch list? Who knows what that is, really.