The kids these days sure are into Tumblr, and though we don’t have the will or resources to explain why, it is another of those sites that tracks trending searches and popular blog posts.

Tumblr’s login page is a bit like a slot machine in that each login might feature a different background photo or post, and it’s quite an honor to learn that your post has been hung on the front door to the site — but not always.

That’s not good at all.

It’s not surprising, though. Inquisitr notes that 63,000 people were recently talking about “Jarrett Wade” on Facebook alone after someone by that name decided to post his condolences to Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen on Instagram, Facebook, and apparently anywhere else he could.

The site also reports, not surprisingly, that Wade on Facebook describes his professional skills as “weed-smoking.”

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office has released a statement saying that law enforcement is “aware of the circulating social media post of an individual making a threat regarding the recent tragedy in Orlando” and that the incident is under investigation.

It’s difficult to say if “Jarrett Wade” is simply that utterly abhorrent, was doing some professional weed smoking while posting, or was just trying to become an social media celebrity. If the latter is true, it’s likely the only thing at which he’ll ever succeed.

Any adults in charge? It’s sad how that question can be applied to just about anything now, right up through the administration’s “hashtag diplomacy” efforts to President Slow-Jam a Selfie-Stick himself.