Attention all journalists considering purchasing an AR-15 “killing machine” and then reporting on how easy it was to buy (and how frustrating it was to get rid of, even though it was just purchased as a stunt): don’t bother. It’s been done, and done again. Wow, who suspected that the “instant” in National Instant Criminal Background Check System meant exactly what it implies?

To quote the Boston Globe, make it stop.

As an aside: Is it too much to ask that legitimate news outlets quit buying and/or running photos of AR-15s and then referring to them as “like the one used in the Orlando massacre?” Apparently it is.

The thing is, gun sales have spiked. One tweeter called the Boston Globe’s super-scary “actual size” cover photo of an AR-15 a nice advertisement, and he wasn’t wrong. Better get ’em while you can.

Gun control talks? There was a lot of talking about guns on the Senate floor Wednesday, but we wouldn’t call a 15-hour filibuster “talks.”