Here’s another steaming hot take on the terror attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., that somehow not only made its way out of someone’s head, but found a home in a major newspaper.

Try to parse that headline if you have the time, but wouldn’t it be more productive to talk about gays exercising their rights? As Twitchy reported, gun sales have spiked in the aftermath of the mass shooting.

Some are certainly trying to beat the clock while Democrats make another attempt at passing “common sense” gun control, while others simply want a means to defend themselves. The New York Post reports that gays and lesbians are contributing substantially to the spike in sales.

If a reporter can get away with claiming a case of “temporary PTSD” after firing a “very, very loud” AR-15, imagine what these modified gay pride flags could do to a sensitive journalist.

Is that a gay pride flag mixed with a Gadsden flag with a side order of “Shoot Back”? Yes please.