As Twitchy reported, Senate Democrats led by Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) chose to tackle the problem of Islamic terrorism Wednesday by launching a filibuster over guns, which recently passed the 8-hour mark.

Without hearing from the senators themselves, it’s hard to say if they missed the FBI’s classified briefing on the Orlando mass shooting because they were keeping the filibuster going, or because they refused to go on principle, much as some House members recently vowed to walk out on any future moments of silence for victims of gun violence.

Hillary Clinton might have set the tone from the top for that one, having slept through the president’s briefing on Benghazi just days after the fatal terror attack.

Full disclosure: Antonia Ferrier is the staff director of the Senate Republican Communications Center, so yes, she’s just doing her job, but it’s good information to have.

Rep. John Lewis gave his colleagues in the Senate a shout-out for getting in the way, which is also known as obstruction on the condition Republicans are the ones doing it.

Enough was the word of the day; as in, “We know enough that we don’t need to hear from the FBI or Homeland Security.”

That’s a lot of talk inspired by the Orlando terror attack by people who reportedly skipped the FBI/DHS classified briefing on the Orlando terror attack.