Michael Moore on Tuesday issued essentially the exact same argument he posted following the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Conn. — show the crime scene photos, and the NRA is finished.

He was hit with quite a backlash at the time from parents of the murdered children, who started a petition asking Moore to stop pushing for the release of the pictures. He does have a point, though: If mainstream media were to show, say, the photos of our ambassador to Libya being “rushed to the hospital” that have been circulating online for years, the Clinton campaign might very well be over.

What doesn’t carry any weight (no pun intended) is Moore’s explanation of the exploding ammo used in the AR-15, which many have pointed out was not used by the Orlando nightclub shooter.

Bob Owens of Twitchy sister site Bearing Arms once again offered some of that free education that Democrats keep promising but never deliver.

Too late:

He would, if only he had access to some sort of video recording equipment. Maybe the public can pitch in to buy him a movie camera.