The primaries are over at last, with Hillary Clinton defeating Bernie Sanders handily in D.C.’s primary. With that, Sanders and his wife Jane arrived at the Capitol Hilton for a meeting with Clinton, who will almost certainly greet her opponent with the kiss of death. Looks like a fun night, huh?

What difference, at this point, does it make? It’s been nearly a month since Clinton declared her victory an inevitability, telling CNN “there is no way that I won’t be” the Democratic Party nominee.

Bill and Hillary together in a hotel? It’s possible. Plus, it would be like a couples date.

It sort of is, in a crime family sort of way.

More video of the summit is beginning to leak.

So, what’s in it for Sanders? A favor, like the current DNC chair being sent to sleep with the fishes?

Then what? A possible VP slot? Treasury Secretary? A leftover “More Like Grillary Clinton” barbecue apron?