There wasn’t a lot of silence to be found Monday in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando that killed 49 club goers. As Twitchy reported, even the moment of silence held on the floor of the House of Representatives quickly gave way to chants of “Where’s the bill?” as Democrats demanded gun control legislation.

We fully support Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) in his call to allow the American people time to grieve.

That message was sent in response to this tweet from Donald Trump:

Unfortunately, it seems Lewis was too preoccupied to finish his list of people who need to shut up and give the American people space to grieve. Hillary Clinton certainly didn’t hesitate to politicize the shooting, issuing several tweets and giving an address.

That day-long gun control push left barely enough space to breathe, let alone grieve. And while it’s been common knowledge for years that the @BarackObama Twitter handle belongs to the president’s retooled campaign staff and not Barack Obama himself, they certainly had a peculiar way of expressing their grief.