The percentage of people who believe humans are to blame for global warming shot up to 110 percent Monday after Sally Kohn offered up a take on the Orlando nightclub shooting so hot, it altered the earth’s climate.

Kohn might have thought she skillfully deflected blame for the horrific mass shooting like Wonder Woman deflects bullets with her bracelets, citing Christian “extremists shooting up abortion clinics.” That extraordinary attempt at diversion couldn’t possibly be topped, could it?

Maybe. Remember how someone last week bombed a Target restroom in Evanston, Ill., after the retailer in April announced that it would allow transgender employees and customers to choose restrooms and fitting rooms based on their gender identities?

Twitchy did cover the story as it was unfolding and as bomb-sniffing dogs were checking the rest of the store for explosive devices, but at the time police had no suspect and no motive. Now they do, and the facts put to rest any idea that the minor explosion that damaged a restroom stall was a terror attack. Time for a follow-up.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

A plastic bottle, believed to be the source of the explosion upon initial examination, was recovered from the stall in addition to “items that are commonly combined in a method to produce a chemical high, but during the mixture process can become volatile and explode,” according to the release. Police said Schmidt was uninjured during the incident and left the area before police and fire departments arrived.

“There is no factual evidence that was uncovered during this investigation that points toward this incident being related to any policies of the Target store or a hate crime,” the release states.

WGN News offers a similar take on the police report:

A witness was inside the bathroom at the time of the blast but no one was injured and the damage was limited to the stall.

Police say they recovered materials used to create a chemical high and there is no evidence the explosion was targets [sic.] at the retail chain’s restroom policy for transgendered people.

In short, this classy “Christian conservative terrorist” was apparently trying to get high on fumes in a department store restroom stall when her plastic bottle of chemicals blew up in her face.

Now that WGN has wrapped up its coverage of the Target bombing, will it ever follow up on that noose it reported at DePaul University?

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