So, now that Sen. Elizabeth Warren — whose appeared to be on the same page with Bernie Sanders as far as fiscal policy — has endorsed Hillary Clinton, taken on Donald Trump on his home turf of Twitter, and huddled with Clinton at her D.C. residence, what’s the chance she won’t join the Democratic ticket?

Trump hit Warren on her dubious Native American heritage by calling her “Pocahontas,” and when a local reporter informed him that was “very offensive,” he did it again.

At last, someone has reclaimed the famous name, and believe or not, it’s someone from Warren’s camp. According to the Washington Post, a supporter has grabbed the domain name and redirected it to Warren’s campaign website.

We’re curious just how much that cost. A domain name search shows that was created in July 1995, but according to the Internet Archive, it looked like this as recently as March, so it wasn’t necessarily a traffic magnet.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 11.20.14 AM

Nevertheless, it was a pretty slick move that someone should have thought of a while ago.

Exit question: If we’re to the point where the New York Daily News will refer only to “the Washington professional football team” in its sports coverage, isn’t it cultural appropriation for an Elizabeth Warren supporter to link the name of Pocahontas to a white woman’s campaign site?

It’s a crazy idea, but couldn’t the domain’s owner, out of good faith, have redirected the domain to, say, a site about actual Native American history and therefore put Warren’s ridiculous claim to rest, instead of continuing to kick the name around like a football?


Trump kicked that particular political football back at Warren at Saturday’s rally in Tampa, Fla.