Before delivering the finishing blow to Donald Trump’s campaign with her devastating “Delete your account” tweet, Hillary Clinton took aim at Trump’s comments about immigrants, the very issue that launched his campaign.

While Clinton looks forward to enjoying the view of the White House’s brand new fence, which threatens to blot out the sun and possibly preclude any sightseer from ever getting a decent photo of the people’s house, she can deliver her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention knowing she’s surrounded by armed Secret Service agents and a no-scale fence.

NBC Philadelphia this week gave an idea of what security will look like in Philadelphia this summer, and while plans haven’t been finalized, it looks like the Wells Fargo Center and — don’t make us type this — Xfinity Live! will be enclosed within a no-scale fence.

It’s a good thing too, because these Bernie Sanders supporters have their protest permit in hand and a barely concealed lust for blood in their hearts, obviously.