Pity the fool who wants to make advance plans to catch Prophets of Rage — the new supergroup comprising three parts Rage Against The Machine, one part Public Enemy and one part Cypress Hill — when they play, nay, burn Cleveland to the ground this summer.

The band has booked a date in Cleveland that coincides with the opening of the Republican National Convention, but in place of the venue is an ominous TBD (to be determined). Unlike President Obama, they don’t telegraph every military move with a press conference.

Do you understand just how dangerous this band is? They can no longer stand on the sidelines of history. Dangerous times demand dangerous songs. It’s time to take the power back. (Well, that’s what their website says.)

So, if the location’s a secret, what about people who want to get a spot in the pit so they can have their faces melted off by angry 50-somethings unleashing an uncompromising sonic assault of progressive crap? Sorry, but the band has its reasons, says guitarist Tom Morello.

Wait for it …

Oh, you just got served, Cleveland SWAT. Or maybe Morello just forgot to put in the wink emoji. In either case, #CanAnyoneConfirm you’re equipped with some of those “rubber bullets” from Ferguson to jam in your ears when things get real?

At the very least, RNC security should study footage of the group to learn their tactics. Here’s some guerrilla video posted by an anarchist protest group going by the ironic name of Bloomberg Politics. We had to sit through an ad for Raid® Ant and Roach Killer first, but it was pretty metal watching those bugs die.