Say all you want about Donald Trump’s tiny hands, but the man has some seriously big … claims.

Support Trump or not, there’s really no question that any GOP candidate who made it far enough out of the gate would be branded a racist. Sure, the Democrats fielded an all-white slate of candidates, but pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson, after delivering eloquent speeches at CPAC in 2013 and 2014, was called a token, an Uncle Tom, an Oreo, a victim of “house slave syndrome” and more — with impunity.

It’s not only Democrats making the accusation against Trump. Mitt Romney, explaining to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer why he can’t endorse Trump, expressed his concern over “trickle-down racism.”

In true Trump style, the presumptive GOP nominee came out swinging Saturday, letting America know he’s the “least racist person there is,” hitting Mitt Romney in the process.

Well, he spelled choked correctly, so that’s progress.

It’s safe to say that Trump is, in fact, not the least racist person there is, but at least he’s aware that his opponent (with the hot sauce in her purse and her endearing “southern twang”) will use the race card to pummel him at every opportunity.


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