It’s been a very good day on the endorsement front for Hillary Clinton. Any of these endorsements might have been impressive before Tuesday night, when Clinton took the stage and delivered what was essentially her acceptance of the Democratic nomination.

Was anyone expecting a Trump endorsement from that bunch?

The most recent of that crew to throw his support behind Clinton is Vice President Joe Biden, whom many were eyeing as an emergency backup in the days when Bernie Sanders was putting a substantial dent in his opponent’s momentum.

Biden seems to be hoping for some divine intervention this November; it’s a good thing the Democrats (begrudgingly) decided to restore God to the party’s official platform.

The vice president made his remarks about Clinton “off the cuff” while speaking at the American Constitution Society Conference Thursday night. So, were his remarks really an endorsement? Close enough, says his office.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to have gotten the message yet, but after Elizabeth Warren went nuclear on Donald Trump today, a lot of people are wishing things had ended on a different note.


But Hillary’s good too, right?