Last week, Brock Turner, a former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman, was sentenced to a mere six months in jail, with the judge citing the “severe impact” a longer sentence could have on his life as justification. The woman, however, insisted that the court hear in her own words the severe impact the assault had on her and read aloud a lengthy letter detailing her memory of the assault.

It was a brave act, but one that seems in danger of being diluted as more and more people “help” the cause by performing their own dramatic readings. CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield recited the letter in its entirety on air Monday to near universal praise.

There’s no denying that hearing the words read aloud is a terribly uncomfortable experience, but did New York Mayor Bill de Blasio take that ill-advised step from commiseration to exploitation when he set up and promoted a Facebook Live reading featuring himself, his wife, and guest “celebs”?

So it’s an event now, with special guest celebrities to be announced?

For once, de Blasio seemed to have recognized a bad idea once it was pointed out to him, inspiring a change of plans.

Pass. The transcript will suffice, thanks.

“Binders full of women” was offensive beyond belief in 2012, but the New York Daily News didn’t hesitate to report on the “parade of women” who took turns reading the letter aloud.

Actresses Cynthia Nixon, Karen Olivo, and Stacey Sargeant joined Chirlane McCray and city hall staffers in the video. Though he was in New York City Wednesday, President Obama did not participate, as he was busy “slow jamming the news” one last time with Jimmy Fallon between party fundraisers.